United States Tennis Association ("USTA")

4.25.2013 - The case against the United States Tennis Association ("USTA") for misclassifying Umpires at the U.S. Open as independent contractors and failing to pay them overtime has been certified as a class action on behalf of all Umpires who worked at the U.S. Open in any year from 2005 to the present. (Decision) The Court held, among other things, that given the "uniform classification of Umpires, the uniform description of Umpires' duties, the finite three-week period during which the U.S.Open event takes place once a year, and the discrete, geographical location of the Open" that the case would be  "best litigated at the class [action] level". The Court also appointed Abbey Spanier, LLP and the Law Offices of Mitchell Schley, LLC as class counsel noting that they have been "vigorous representatives of the putative class".